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The Future of Money: None.

We are moving towards a moneyless society (Not digital money or a cashless society but no money at all). Money has been the primary problem for our species and in order to help free our society from a fear-based living, money has to go. A lot of people will fear and oppose this change though. The alternative to a moneyless society is a world rife with enslavement, discrimination, and persecution. Any authoritarian government is only a manifestation of the fear-based world we are co-creating that stems from an unequal and unfair distribution of money and thus, influence and power.

Don’t mistake this with a lazy unproductive society. On the contrary, in the absence of hoarding money, humanity can strive to pursue what really matters and to strive to live their lives to the fullest of their potential. If people could get anything they wanted, completely free, there would be no reason to hoard anything at all and to destroy the planet just to hoard money.

This is not extremism. This is not a crazy, unrealistic idea. This is no propaganda. If you think this through, it is very workable. We are responsible in co-creating our interactive movie in this life. If we put everything at monetary value then we will get a humanity enslaved to money. Capitalism doesn’t work. Less than 10 people own half of the world’s entire wealth. Around 200 people probably own as much as 75-80% if not more of the world’s entire wealth. This interactive movie, this dream is turning into a nightmare for too many monadic ‘consciousnesses’ by a world pandering to just so few people. Currently, we don’t get the best of things produced simply because they would be unaffordable for most people. By doing away with money altogether we can start producing what we can actually produce totally unrestricted by monetary constraints. We must do away with a fear-based living. A life based on the mindset of illusory scarcity. Deep sea mining would become possible if you took away cost. So would lunar and asteroid mining. Even mining other planets would become possible eventually giving us the means to harvest our sun’s energy. Many of these aren’t done simply because the costs would be prohibitive. There probably isn’t enough money in the entire world even to try to mine our moon on a massive scale. Thus, money impedes progress and raises inequality through a fear-based living creating a world rife with persecution, oppression, poverty, envy, and enslavement of humanity to money.

Imagine yourself growing up in a society where there is never any want or need or financial insecurity of any sort. You will be a very different person. You will be absolutely uninterested in conspicuous consumption. … You will probably be interested in things of a higher nature—the cultivation of the mind, education, love, art, and discovery. And so these people are very stoic in that sense, because they have no worldly interests that we today could relate to. … I usually say that they’re all aliens, in a way.

It’s one step at a time,

A moneyless society is termed a resource-based economy. This is going to happen through the process described in the video below, in phases. It will lead to a society of ‘masters’ as we will experience a leap in skills. This is so because when people are liberated from the need to make money they, with time, become ambitious and focus on things that matter. Improving themselves and their environment. So, yes, making money makes most of us dull. Spiritual enlightenment will become much more common until hopefully, it will be common instead of exceptions in such a society as people leave behind a fear-based mode of being.

I felt I didn’t need to write the following but turned out I do: a money-free society should not be mistaken for a work-free society. People still work, they just don’t work for money.