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What if the purpose of existence is to evolve us to another level of existence altogether

Human beings often seek the reason to their existence and the answer seems to be ever elusive. If I were to take a guess at this point in my life, the purpose of being might very well be the development of one’s consciousness. That life is a sort of school for monad (unit) consciousness and that the success of being is measured, not by acquisition of status and wealth or even knowledge, but by the attainment of having graduated from being altogether. That is to say to shed one’s sense of self. To be all things but not of any. To be in a state of pervasive non being.

The reason why this could be the purpose of existence is because such eventuality does happen to some of us and it offers a glimpse to another level of existence altogether. One that is almost incomprehensible to our everyday understanding of existence. Sadly, not too many of us have realized that this is even a possibility and this is why the philosophical answer to our existence remains much a mystery to most people who are trapped in their own egos playing this game of life without knowledge of its true purpose. But this is not to say that knowing the purpose of the game of life is a prerequisite to attaining a state of non being as all the dramas of life bring us closer to this very goal, no matter how little. That all beings encroach to this pervasive state of non being, just that a few do it more efficiently than others.

Bearing in mind the possibility that our current existence is nothing really different than a school for the advancement of consciousness, we should cultivate a more compassionate approach to our fellowmen. After all, if we had been so perfect we would not have been placed in this existence in our current form. That we are here to teach others and, at the same time, to be taught by others through all the experiences we are bound to give and receive. Within this idea, physical evolution becomes the vessel for greater evolution, the evolution of being. The evolution of existence.

But before we all get too serious, evolution to another level of existence is just a guess on my part*. It may be wrong or it may well be true. We will never know this for certain until we push the limits to the notion of not only being a human being, but that of simply being. Perhaps not too few of us have reached this stage of development. The only way to find out is for us to reach this possibility ourselves.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand

– Albert Einstein

*I have only experienced continual glimpses of transcendental/objective consciousness brought about by the cultivation of objectivity (the loss of subjective fictitious filter coupled with continual if not continuous reflection or inner awareness and the resulting weakening of ego). However,¬†I have known a certain Carmelite monk who has exceedingly surpassed my level of experience. Then, I didn’t know such a thing as objective/transcendental consciousness was even possible and it frightened me much because I was living in ignorance. The monk was likely to have been living, at least, multiple entire lives within his own life time. I mean not by glimpses but the entireties of multiple lives that span space-time while living his own, down to every second of those multiple lives from the beginning to end including non awaken times. To top it all, those entireties of multiple lives were experienced in a short span of his own physical real time. It’s incomprehensible from our everyday understanding of living but nature doesn’t have to conform to our beliefs or limited understanding.