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Beyond Being

When the ego has been tamed due to the realization of the true nature of being, things become less personal. After all, the I encompasses all, seen and unseen within the whole timeline. That we are the universal essence of consciousness and that’s all to it. While each of us is contained in a specific body in this specific timeline, we are not those of our bodies neither are we those of our thoughts and feelings because those things are fleeting. The irony is that the realization of the true nature of being requires taming of the ego in the first place. I’d prefer to call it the cultivation of objectivity. When we cultivate objectivity, we lose our filter of subjectivity. In the attempt to be objective we lose the importance of our sense of self and thus we indulge the ego far less. The losing of this filter of subjectivity means that we are no longer skewing and distorting our perception with our beliefs or prejudices. We see things as they are. One of the traps of subjectivity is the creation of reality from our subjective,thus distorted, perception. As we believe in things, as we interfere with our perception we create our reality in accordance with our distorted perception. Simply said, as we act on our subjective beliefs which represent distorted truths, we make everyone around us and thus our own circumstances set in accordance with our distorted truths. For example, a man who is convinced he would not succeed in an endeavor would put no effort or much less effort in that particular endeavor of his. Another example would be a person who believes that everyone is hostile to him would act with certain extent of hostility towards everyone he encounters and thus inviting or becoming the source of hostility to himself.

When we do not cultivate objectivity we are but children and we put our fates in the hands of other people and our own ego. Whether we succeed or not then becomes a game of luck. Thus it is paramount to cultivate objectivity and only then a man can truly become an independent individual. The peak of objectivity, however, is the loss of personal identification that we call the ego. Although the person knows his history, he no longer identifies with his personal life. Sure he would still acknowledge his name and his relatives and family but the attachment to these identities has been broken. This would not have been possible, however, had it not been for the expansion of his consciousness or what I call glimpses of objective consciousness. Reasoning would not make a man a man. Good conduct to his being (i.e., the cultivation of objectivity) would and this in turn would enable the expansion of his consciousness that brings about the revolution of his being and nature. Although physically still an individual such person can no longer be thought as an ordinary individual for he has lost his attachment to his individuality. He would be called simply as witnessing consciousness. Dramas cannot take hold on him. And if such a person gets angry, his anger would be justified because he’s not being angry simply because he’s offended.  If such a person fights, his fight will be for all that is important not only to him but to everyone, directly or indirectly. In other words his life becomes a service to all consciousness which to him is one and universal in its true nature.

There’s however, the awareness that most people are living in their small selves and thus are but children that are prone to be harmed and prone to harm others. A sort of disappointment because he realizes that there seems to be no one like him and the world is hurting because the majority of people have no clue about the principle of being and thus never develop themselves beyond their small ego.

I long to see a world leader who has realized the true nature of his being. The vastness of being should not be contained in the smallness of our petty beliefs and ideologies. It should be let free. Fear is ignorance and ignorance is fear.