Objective Consciousness

Until One Frees Itself From the Externals, Its Being Shall Not Be Truly Free

As a result of my ordeal in Singapore in 2002 and the following years of prolong persecution and abuse, I believe I suffer from mild post traumatic stress disorder which is characterized among others by continual vigilance or tension. PTSD itself as I understood is a spectrum wide disorder. Now this has been a hindrance for me to completely realize my being. I’ve noticed that only when I free myself from my external circumstances, only when I feel free that my being is brought upon its highest potential, to a fuller transcendental state. Otherwise, my glimpses of Objective Consciousness, my transpersonal experiences, would be far more limited. Thus I’ve learned that to shut myself from the manifestations of others, to maintain control over my own feelings, thoughts, actions, and beliefs through the wisdom of objectivity is to live free and to realize my being. Unfortunately, it is easier said than done as the hold of ego can be addictive and strong.

The mastery over ego is not easy and to be in fuller transcendent state, one needs to free oneself from the discomforts and pains of the external things. It’s similar to taking the initiative in military whereby one’s action should not be dictated by the maneuvers of one’s enemy so it is with the mastery of self. While it is true that some environments would offer more freedom than others, ultimately, the ability to react independently of one’s circumstances denotes genuine mastery over self (ego) which is the pathway to self transcendence, the realization of one’s being.

To bear unpleasant manifestations of others and not letting them affecting the inner world of oneself is an exercise of mastery over self that will lead, with time, to transpersonal living. As hard as it is, a simple realization that one has always a choice in any circumstances brings a powerful awareness that one is ultimately in control of one’s reaction and decision, both inwardly and outwardly and not anybody else. Opening access to anybody else to one’s inner world is losing control and initiative and ultimately to give that person power over oneself which goes against the practice of self mastery, the cessation of one’s identification with the ego.

In the shortest possible sentence, the way to transpersonal living which is characterized by glimpses of objective consciousness or transpersonal experiences is gained through the cultivation of objectivity. The cultivation of objectivity inevitably must involve the switch of one’s mode of living, from ego center to more objective mode of being. It also means that the switch would not have been possible without the assertion of one’s self control or mastery over self (over one’s ego). This is why over centuries, the methods to spiritual enlightenment, which transpersonal living is, have been named many different things, namely: the annihilation of ego, the destruction of self, self mastery, mindfulness practice, etc. They all refer to the same thing i.e, the cultivation of objectivity. Although the more traditional methods to transpersonal living may involve a strict discipline of meditation or martial arts, these varying methods are not the root of the cause but what they brought upon is. Medtiation, the correct mental rigor of martial arts and the rigor of correct religious practices develop mastery over self with time.

Ultimately, the failure to attempt to realize one’s being is a failure to recognize the mandate of being which is to graduate from personification into pure BEing that transcends space, time, and individuality.

Worth reading link on Maslow and Spirituality: http://www.mang.canterbury.ac.nz/people/nilakant/spirit/abraham_maslow_and_spirituality.htm



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