Objective Consciousness

Transpersonal Living

As one continues to develop his/her objective consciousness, gradually, he/she begins a journey towards transpersonal living. Transpersonal living is the consequence of losing one’s identification with the ego. It is the transcendence of space, time, and individuality in one’s being and since it involves the transcendence of the three aforementioned elements, the use of the word ‘transpersonal’ may be regarded as insufficient to describe such state of being. However, one of the strongest indications of the defeat of the ego is not only the ‘ability’ to span space and time but also that of individuality and it is perhaps the most defining characteristic to denote the realization of one’s being. Arguably, even the spanning of space and time most of the time involves the transcendence of individuality. Thus the word transpersonal living, a person who loses himself/herself (his/her ego) but gains everything in return. Hence the words of sages that until one loses oneself, one can never find oneself.

In such state one realizes that every being is not separate nor external to oneself. And that every being is contained within. However, in my experience it is the realized Self and not the ego that chooses what to experience as oneself in any moment of time. Meaning that while one does experience transpersonal experience, one doesn’t lose one’s perspective of individuality, only the attachment to the false ego.

It’s a bit of an irony in the end that what cultures denote as satan might be best described as the perfect embodiment of ego and it too ‘rents’ its existence by virtue of God’s generosity. Thus, the ego is the nemesis of the Infinite Creative, the Supreme All Encompassing Being we all call God.

Interestingly, psychology has been trying to get a better understanding of transpersonal experience. The study of transpersonal living is called transpersonal psychology. Carl Jung and Abraham Maslow were among those who were very much interested in studying transpersonal experience. Sadly, modern science has decided it knows better and now largely refuses to accept that such notion is even possible. Much of the work of Jung and Maslow in transpersonal psychology has remained largely hidden from mainstream knowledge unlike other parts of their work. There have been attempts too to discredit transpersonal living as a form of mental illness or psychosis! But the truth doesn’t need to pay homage to society nor science for the matter. When society rejects the truth it will face direct and indirect consequences to its ignorance, as will science (imagine what kind of revolutionary possibilities could be made possible with scientific understanding of transpersonal experience! Mankind would find itself suddenly hurled into a big leap of evolution!).

Thus, for now, transpersonal living is meant for those select people who have reached a certain stage of development to their being. The people who have become disillusioned of their false egos. People who are waking up to life. The ego is the nemesis of God, the ego is thus the primary obstacle to God. The Jacob’s ladder to God is the annihilation of the ego. The individual remains but his/her ego has been vanquished. The result is an objective being, one that’s living a transpersonal existence. One that is more acceptable to God.

More on transpersonal psychology: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transpersonal_psychology




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