Objective Consciousness

A New Generation of Self-leaders Answering the Call to Lead by Moral Authority

What the world is seeing, in the Arab world, in Libya, and in Hong Kong is that when formal leaders make themselves out of touch with the inspiration of the peoples they are representing, the peoples become disillusioned with so called leaders and we are seeing new generations of self-leadership, the people who think we can make do without strong emphasis on formal leadership since these formal leaders are not actually leading but governing for the interest of the few in the name of the majority.

So the world watches in perplexion and some in cynicism as leaderless people rise up to voice their disagreement on how they are being ruled. While movements have been hijacked by replacement tyrants such as in Eqypt and by greedy opportunists in Libya, much of the populations in these countries have consistently shown that idealistic and self-leadership quality unprecedented in the decades preceding.

Formal leaders no longer enjoy that sacred, untouchable positions in societies because time and again, they have shown not to be trustworthy by putting their own self-interest above that of the peoples hence them being perceived to have lost the moral authority to govern the very peoples they have betrayed. Of course it goes without saying that formal leaders will make every attempt to make it appear that they still hold the necessary moral authority to govern, but their dishonesty is for all to see and judge and threats and intimidations, often in the name of law, such as what those ruling in Singapore use, will often backfire and provide fuel to further call for peoples’ actions.

To put it in the most blunt words, it is no longer easy to con the people as it had always been. And the people demand authentic leadership instead subjugation in the name of stability, growth, and security. The peoples demand the leaders work for them and not the opposite as often the case in dictatorial regimes, including one in Singapore.

Political leaders or even religious leaders are no longer held as the sacred cows to be held in false moral and societal pedestal. The peoples want accountability. And unless leaders start to lead and serve the peoples they are responsible for, we will undoubtedly see more of these types of leaderless movements around the world.

The outcomes of such movements are not important in themselves. When these sacred cows have been removed from their moral and societal pedestal, they no longer be able to exert the notion that they are legitimate and sound leaders of their peoples. And the only way to remain in power is to perpetually rely on draconian methods that will backfire and end their rule altogether in time. If not, they risk being an ineffective leaders which the world couldn’t take in all seriousness. In short, they are finished no matter the outcome.

And for this reason I say the current Hong Kong Chief is also finished. He has been removed from effective power by the people and no longer commands respect, both from his people and from abroad. I won’t be surprised if China decides to appoint his replacement in near future. China would be saving its face more and doing itself a big favor by axing the Hong Kong’s top official than by keeping him. The man has become a liability.

Just yesterday someone spoke that it is ignorance to fight in unwinnable situation, implying that one should pick one’s fight and compromise or collaborate when one thinks  he or she is unable to win. The kind of words that tries to justify every collaboration and compromise with murderous tyrants and which is responsible for too many sufferings and injustices in the world. The words of cowards or unscrupulous opportunistic people. Although taken with the context I would think it was an attempt to create a perception of invincibility out of insecurity by propagating fear that I couldn’t take too kindly be it coming from the mouth of a state leader or a destitute person. I don’t believe in governing through fear and I think whoever that does is unfit to govern in the first place.

But winning is a matter of perception and in all truthfulness the Hong Kong Chief has lost. The students have won from the early days of their movement. Fortunately for us, that there are brave men and women who put their lives at risk for the sake of many of us, despite many who think they are foolish and these students are these kinds of people. They have won. They picked a fight which they couldn’t lose, no matter the outcome.

Note: I used the phrase sacred cows not as an insult to the Hindus. Please don’t take offense at my phrase. I respect all religions and Hinduism included. Namaste!



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