Objective Consciousness

On the Nature of Death from the Insight of Experiential Objective Consciousness and from a Loving God

Many people who claim to have glimpsed objective consciousness say that there is no death or that death is a mere transition to another life. But my own personal glimpsing of death (not my own but that of a stranger’s) , thanks to a loving God, gave me a whole different insight. And I think it is PARAMOUNT for people to understand the nature of death in order to be able to live a correct life.

So I’m going to exactly describe the experience of being dead, without me having ever becoming dead,

The dead are not aware of themselves. They do not remember their identities, their past memories. They are not aware of where they are now too. They do not actually know that they are dead or are in death. Perhaps many of dying people knew, in their final moments that they would soon die but after crossing that line of death they don’t quite actually realize they are dead. There’s no awareness of anything in death including of death itself.

The dead no longer remember God. Now this may not sound much to unbelievers but to those people like me, people who believe in God and who have witnessed God in their lives and who have come to know God personally, this is probably one of the most frightening aspects of being dead. In life whenever I get into trouble I can always remember God and even on many occasions call on God to help which He did. But there is no remembrance of God in the slightest in death. There is a slight consolation  however, that despite the dead not being able to remember God, God which is in all things, is too with every dead even, even when the dead experience nothing at all.

Lastly, the dead are wholly unable to register time at all. There’s no recollection of time in death, at all. This is somewhat a consolation because the nothingness in death isn’t felt at all to be long. The dead could wait for ANY stretch of time and wouldn’t realize just how long they have been dead, when they are reawakened.

The closest word to describe death that living people are familiar with is SLEEP. That death feels like a deep sleep without dream nor waking up.

The most frightening aspect about being dead is that being dead is being unmade, becoming un-being. We are so used to being that becoming un-being is a frightening thing. We all have tasted that freedom of being. We all have tasted that autonomy of living in which we are free to decide for ourself on our desires, thoughts and feelings. That’s the meaning of being which the dead are deprived of. The second most frightening aspect is probably the non remembrance of a loving God. The third most frightening aspect of death is that we all die alone, individually without taking with us anything or anyone but our past deeds and motives. The dead have nothing but their past deeds and motives. Thus it is important to live a correct life because all other things and people will not be with us in our death. That we will be defined by our works and character instead of our mere reputation.

The consolation of being dead is that the dead may be reawakened at a later time since that would be the only reason why the dead keep their living identities even to their sleep of death. The second consolation is that even the dead are still within God. That God is still with every one of the dead despite the nonexistence of experience in death. The third consolation is that the dead could literally wait for eternity and not be burdened by it since they no longer able to register time at all, not even in the slightest.

So I would like to pass you all a message, be wise in your life, life is a treasure, it’s a time for us to give and receive, material or immaterial, we all could make a difference both to ourselves and to other people by what we decide to do in our lives. Decide well because what we do goes into eternity. We will be defined solely by our works and character not our reputation.

Of course what I just wrote here is the insight of death or rather, a dead person’s soul, from the perspective of living consciousness. The dead themselves are aware of nothing and are fearful of nothing, and experience nothing at all. In a way it’s one way to experience death from the perspective of living consciousness and it’s another when we actually die ourselves. It’s not too dissimilar to experiencing other beings’ I or the I in other beings that the sensation or perception is far stronger than even the other beings are aware of themselves. Most of  us take our subjective Is for granted, not being fully aware of our inner worlds.



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