Objective Consciousness

And I watched ‘Lucy’ at the movie last night and it was disappointing

The premise on which the film was built upon is certainly intriguing however the execution stumbled so badly that I was left with the impression that whoever wrote the script had little idea of human potential. One of the biggest letdown was when the protagonist Lucy described that the essence of existence was time while many people who have tapped more into their potential would understand that time simply doesn’t exist in [objective] reality. That time is merely the result of our subjective experience while in all truth we all live in the eternal now in which everything is happening in every moment of now and in which every timeline coexisting and as real as any moment. The essence of existence or being is CONSCIOUSNESS and the development of human potential is directly related to the development of its consciousness.

I’m fully aware that many people if not most do not even realize that consciousness could be developed. I wished we had been born with a manual book. You know ‘the manual of becoming a human being’. But instead life is thrown to us as is and it wholly depends on us to figure out things ourselves. Unfortunately, most people become distracted and lose the way to develop their being and instead are totally lost in other petty endeavors to indulge their ego while living in a primitive or even primal mode of being not so different from the wild animals or even worse.

Our lost way has cost us much and will cost us even greater as we destroy each other and the planet for our vanity and self sense of delusional grandiose. Martin Luther King Jr. was quoted to have said the following wise words: ‘Our wisdom has not caught up with our technological development, so we now have guided missiles and misguided men’. Our leaders who are supposed to rule based on stipulated constitutions often break them and act no different than feudal lords of the medieval time or the cavemen of the early days of men for that matter. The nature of man has remained largely the same throughout ages. We hear from many of our leaders’ mouths that it’s survival of the fittest world, a dog eat dog society and that evil is needed to bring order to society. That basically mankind has to be put under the yoke of enslavement or subjugation in order to make way for civilization to be further developed. Basically a lot of bullocks to justify the unjustified, the stunting of the race of man so that unworthy leaders may benefit from the resulting foolishness, misery and chaos.

My eye opener was the Singapore regime which tried to murder me in 2002 out of vanity, starved me in their public hospital (NUH), defamed me schizophrenic and persecuted me for no less than seven years afterward. They were shameless enough to send me a letter from one of their university (the NTU) that read that my doctor (without being specific) had declared that I was fit again to resume my study there although I never took any medicine from the beginning neither did I see any doctor. I redid my undergraduate study all over and graduated from an Indonesian tertiary institution just fine although the prolonged abuse has left me psychologically scarred and traumatized and I felt cheated of my grades from the 3rd semester onward. I have realized these people are no different than criminals only that they are worse since they command state apparatus and resources. If there was a fair trial I would win my case but I knew better than to try to seek my remedy in the court and I am comfortable enough to challenge them through this blog and willing to go to jail or worse for my writings. I’m still being targeted so to speak. Old friends will disappear for no apparent reasons except now for a single old friend and the new ones I have made. And it was by withstanding these prolonged abuses that enabled me to expand my consciousness. Unfortunately I realize I live in a world which is lagging behind my personal experience hence the difficulties of getting my point across as anything but delusions. But with people such as Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle becoming famous for writing enlightenment there’s still hope that at least a few people would be able to appreciate my writings on what I have come to term as ‘Objective Consciousness’ which another person by the name of Gurdjieff who lived about 100 years ago to have coined the exact same term for the very same idea.

Anyway I think the world is ready for a revolutionary change. A conscious evolution of mankind’s consciousness IF….if each of us stops to think whether we can afford to continue down the trodden path we have become accustomed to for so long. The path of concealed savagery if you will. The path of lower impulses and instincts that preoccupy our beings. However, we now live at a crossroad of mankind’s destiny. There has never been a time in which there have been so many of us living at the same time. There has never been a time in which technological advancements are able to tilt the balance of the planet in a meaningful way. Our mistakes now will have exponentially greater impacts than ever before with even greater permanence. Because of these there’s no question that if we do not wise up we will see the beginning of the annihilation of civilization that may lead to the extinction of the race of man within the next 100 years.



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