Objective Consciousness

My reason of writing on the topic of Objective Consciousness

When I became a victim of Lee Kuan Yew’s regime in 2002 and suffered the subsequent years of persecution I realized for the first time that many things are not what they appear to be. This is due to the fact that the majority of people in the world are afflicted with a common disease which a fascinating author by the name of James J. Traitz (whose book I have placed on order) called a fear-greed dichotomy. It refers to people’s quiet desperation to amass as much as possessions as possible due to the belief that matter is the primary substance of the universe, or in simpler words, due to materialistic belief of the majority of people. This belief is responsible for, arguably, all of past and present mankind problems. Jealousy, cruelty, narcissism, addiction, hatred, poverty, misery, injustice, torture, persecution, bullying,  racism, discrimination, rape, deceit, and so on. The majority of people suffer from these diseases. If you think about it, really think about it, [almost] every human endeavor has its foundation on this fear-greed dichotomy. Students study so that they can out-compete other students for a better future life.  Many entrepreneurs and dictators aspire wealth for all the wrong reasons. To many of  them wealth allows domination of less wealthy people and thus bringing security for them. Virtually all advancements in technologies are driven by the motivation to dominate others, either economically or militarily. In short, we live in a world in which everyone is dead afraid of everyone else, even when they don’t quite see it that way but essentially that’s how it is. Everyone is a threat that needs to be dominated so life becomes a race to dominate others in all aspects of life. Most of the time this happens in civility although the pains are just as real though sometimes all hell breaks loose in the event of wars or acts of violence based on some political or self-justified religious ideology or other silly things. The world terrifies so many people that many of these people put on a fake mask of toughness, saying that it’s survival of the fittest kind of world. But let me tell you that the day survival of the fittest becomes a true reality it will be the end of civilization as we know it. It has not been a thorough survival of the fittest kind of world because many people are also confused. They know many things are wrong but feel helpless to change anything.

And now I’m telling you the reason of so much mess in the world is because the majority of people are still living in their small selves. We are not born into this world with a manual book and our education merely trains us for our future professions and it doesn’t teach us how to be human or how to develop our being which I have taken to be the mandate of every human being. The reason is because most people have no clue on what is important and what is less important. They have their priorities all wrong because the majority of the world views that life is all about amassing material things. Those who knew better are the small minority whose voices are drowned out in the clueless majority.

I came to the realization that our being is able to be developed by accident. That is by the events that shaped my life and by my character predisposition. As a result I essentially rediscovered a knowledge in the absence of knowing that the knowledge has been discovered by others. My education didn’t teach me any of this stuff. No one ever told me anything about this. If it wasn’t for the Internet I would think that it was me who first invented the term ‘Objective Consciousness’ and found a way to develop my being while in truth even the person who the world accepted to have coined the term Objective Consciousness didn’t really invent the method nor discovered the idea. The idea is probably ancient in origin and has been found in many different (separate) cultures around the world and given many different names for the exact same idea.

You might be wondering the relevancy of Objective Consciousness and solving our present problems. Let me give you an example how my experience of Objective Consciousness changed me with respect to how I view other people. I used to attend mass at my local Parish every weekend and on a particular day I saw a new security personnel whom I didn’t recognize helping out with the parking of vehicles. He was young of Malay race. I wasn’t in a good mood that time and the moment I locked face with him I thought the person was just another brute (yeah I can get pompous at times due to the horrible things I experienced and the lack of support I received in those times). But what came next was totally unexpected, I glimpsed the ‘I’ within that person and he felt quite disappointed by me (it didn’t show in his facial expression). It was just one look and I disappointed him, a stranger whom I had never met beforehand. But knowing how I made him feel, exactly, brought guilt to me like nothing else and it haunted me for weeks. I felt ashamed of my prejudice and the person who I thought was just a brute turned out to be a gentle soul and it was my fault that made him feel the way he did. I learned not to judge a person from the profession or the way the person look. It was just disappointment but if you knew exactly how another person felt, it made all the difference in the world on how you would behave toward other people.

Now for the hard truth,

Consciousness is not separate. The illusion is that each of us is separate but that can never be further from the truth. Consciousness doesn’t reside in this body or that body or exclusively belonging to mankind alone. Animals have it as do the unseen. The interconnectedness of every consciousness, in all probability, is so due to the fact that there’s only ONE consciousness there is for ALL. That ONE UNIVERSAL consciousness is not restricted by time and space. The objective ‘I’ isn’t here or there, it’s everywhere in every timeline. This is not mere belief. It’s knowledge [for those who have become aware of the fact]. The development of consciousness is directly related to the development of one’s being. It’s not to be found in primal, primitive mode of living but may be developed through the cultivation of objectivity. Others call it through the cultivation of self-mastery. The more advanced a being, the more it exercises its freewill instead allowing itself being dictated and controlled by its external circumstances (which includes its desires which are affected by outside world). To live is to being and to being is to remember that our body is but a vessel to experience the three dimensional space time but we are NOT our body, we are NOT our mind, we are NOT our feelings. When you become an active observer of your own experience with regard to outside influences and events you are on your way to develop your being and realize a greater ‘I’. This is so on the condition that while you’re becoming an active observer of your inner subjectivity, you endeavor to cultivate objectivity and exercise your freewill. The cultivation of objectivity refers to a state of functioning, if you will, in which you no longer filtering anything you experience through your subjectivity. In essence you need to lose the filter of your subjectivity. One of the ways to help with this is by trying to be aware of your inner world in your experiences and at the same time trying to put yourself in the shoes of others. Another way is by asking questions to yourself ‘Am I being fair to this or that person given his/her possible circumstances?’. Yet the most fundamental of this exercise is by being honest with oneself and to be aware of one’s own motives and desires. Exercising your freewill refers NOT to arbitrary enslavement to your thinking or feelings or desires but to think, feel and act in way that’s independent of your external circumstances. In essence not allowing your inner self to be accessible by the outside world. If you practice these consistently, you will begin developing your being and are on your way to glimpsing Objective Reality. It may take years to develop your being but it will develop nonetheless if you practice what I wrote here.

You have to realize however that Objective Consciousness is not an ability, it is impossible to attempt it. It is a state of being. The more you’re in that state of being the more you will glimpse Objective Reality. What can be done is practicing to be in that state of being continually. Furthermore, I believe it is impossible to devolve, so to speak, into lower being once you have glimpsed Objective Consciousness. It will just be a matter of how often you’re glimpsing that Objective Consciousness. To avoid misunderstanding, development of being or progression to your being doesn’t refer to anything being developed. Your objective being stays perpetually the same, you just have to realize your being. Some other people call it Self Remembering. It’s also called Self-Actualization or Self-Realization. Others commonly understand it as enlightenment but I would avoid the word because it puts too much expectations and seems to represent a barrier that most people thought impossible to cross. Self-actualized persons are not perfect people let me remind you. They still make mistakes and all but their perspective of their fellow human being has been radically changed or revolutionized that imparts significant changes concerning the well being of all people in their daily lives.

A great man by the name of Mahatma Gandhi is believed to have said more or less the following words:

If you want to change the world, start with yourself.

Acts 17:28

For in God we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, For we are also God’s offspring.



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