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It’s disheartening to realize many people who have had experience of Objective Consciousness are convinced there is no God, only the universal mind

It’s quite disheartening that the more I look the more I realize most people who seem to have had experiences of Objective Consciousness (i.e., Higher Consciousness) seem to be convinced that there is no God. That all there is, is the universal mind of the universe. This belief is akin to the situation in which conservative scientists are convinced that there is no such thing as higher levels of consciousness. The reasoning of both sides is similar. Conservative scientists seem convinced that there is no proof of the existence of the universal mind, at least that’s what they like to think. Likewise, many people who have had glimpses of Objective Consciousness are convinced that there’s no existence of a personal God that they thought must have been true since a personal God is not found in the universal mind which they resort to identify as God.

I can understand the reasoning of the beliefs of both sides. What I cannot understand is that both sides are pretty close-minded to other possibilities because they are so wrapped-up in their own conviction thus losing their objectivity and open mindedness.

Having had experiences of a personal God that actually conform to the teaching of my religious book, even without the book being read first, has taught me a lot about God and appreciate what is written in my religious book. But by also having glimpses of Objective Reality has made me to appreciate the majesty of this created space even more and the Creator who, if you like fancy words, created the physical reality including our bodies by His sustained power of imagination and which shares His divinity, His life-essence so to speak, with independent creatures which are nothing less than part of God Himself.

I read someone who wrote that the purpose of the universe was the development of consciousness (though the person also wrote bunch of other things which I found myself disagreeing with to the extreme). That in essence, God wished or decided to multiply Himself i.e, so that creatures would become as if the original God. It’s an intriguing idea and a beautiful one though I can’t say for certain if that is really the case but nevertheless if God allowed far inferior ‘souls’ who exist by virtue of God’s own divinity to expand and experience their larger ‘I’ it just might be true, why else would God allow for simple (compared to the Creator Himself), feeble creatures to be able to expand their consciousness, even if it’s just in glimpses. The universe might very well serve the purpose to educate every consciousness in it to develop their being and to realize the divine nature of all consciousness. God spawning Gods. I can’t think of a more kinder God than the one who decided to ‘spawn’ more of Himself or His likeness in the attempt to share the perfection of being enjoyed by God Himself.

Although I would really love to open people’s eyes to the nature of their consciousness in order for them to begin developing their being and glimpse objective reality themselves, I found myself in a conundrum at times. If I let myself be frank, I would probably scare people off because the idea that their inner worlds not being completely their own would terrify almost all people. As such when I found myself in the inner world of the people surrounding me, I’m compelled to keep it my own. Another reason is that my Indonesian colleagues can be pretty superstitious. If I were to be frank they would probably think I was practicing some sort of magic. Not to say I was not tempted. I was, many times, to just be frank and let them know, just that either the time was inappropriate or the person had forgotten their inner experience. I tried being frank to a female colleague of mine by the initial of VT not too long ago, but at first it seemed inappropriate and later she had forgotten her inner experience (many people are not too aware of their own inner world and let things just flow, in a sense, than being an active observer of their inner world. They take their inner world for granted I guess). Even when I tried to explain my brother in law and my sister that the nature of time is simultaneous i.e., that the past, present and future all coexist at the same ‘time’ such that in each moment, literally everything is happening and happening all over again in the next moment and so on, only that our perception limits us to ‘our now’ even though our now is no more real than the other moments in the whole timeline, the idea was so absurd to the nature of time perceived by us that they couldn’t contemplate it, which I do not blame.

Anyway, I’m writing this to say that if you have glimpsed Objective Reality do not be so sure that there’s no God just because you couldn’t find God in Objective Reality. I’ve glimpsed God when I was a child long time ago, though technically I only saw the most overwhelming white light that shone from God’s face and enveloped His whole figure that nothing could be seen of God but the light of His glory. There is none like God indeed! Strangely enough, even many fellow Christians wouldn’t believe of anyone seeing God. Out of fear they would claim it must have been the devil or anything else but God. I know what I saw and I saw what I saw, fully awake, because God gave me an inner, temporary, crazy explosion of love for Christ then, right before seeing, when I was just a 7th grader kid. I’ve realized since that no one could possibly love God unless that love was given to that person from God Himself. The only other person who I knew to have truly loved God was an Indonesian nun, who was a stranger I met at my local parish many years ago. While she was praying in the pew probably about 5 meters from me in a different row, I became aware of her inner world and I was struck by the nun’s love for God. She knew I knew how she felt though, she must have wondered but it didn’t shock her that much, being a person of faith I guess she believed anything was possible. I knew she was blessed because no one could have loved God unless God planted that love in that person.

I’ve found a few very interesting clips of Objective Consciousness/Higher Consciousness on the internet that I would like to share with you all because I believe they are authentic and the author is a very peculiar person it seems, in a fascinating way I mean, in fact he seems a very intriguing person.


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