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I Really Doubt If Mr. Gopalan Nair is A Genuine Singapore Dissident

The latest post he has just written encourages people to tell US authorities not to grant Amos Yee asylum (link: I’ve long doubted Mr. Nair’s authenticity as a dissident. At first, Mr. Nair allowed me to post comments on his blog posts. I then began to notice that the commentary section was laden with click-jacking exploit that could endanger users’ passwords. Thus, I tried to warn other users from this click-jacking exploit on his blog posts’s commentary section. In the beginning, he would allow me to post warnings on these click-jacking hacks but eventually he blocked my comments even ones that had nothing to do with this exploit. He also introduced a requirement for people to post their real names in order for their comments to be approved on his blog. I supplied him with my real name and yet he still wouldn’t approve my comments which were critical of the Singapore’s government.

Then I saw another tell-tale where he discredited  Mr. Ravi, a rights lawyer and dissident who represented some of the most prominent dissidents in Singapore. He even wrote of his insulting remarks that he made to Mr. Ravi which was completely uncalled for. He insulted Mr. Ravi for no apparent reason.

Now, I don’t always agree with Amos Yee on his opinions on religions and I do think Yee has allowed his ego to control him dispensing with general common sense and decency for respect of other religions. However,  Yee has also suffered continual harassment as evidenced from his Youtube videos and probably many that aren’t captured on video. To send him back to Singapore would be a death sentence for Yee. He would be robbed of his future and God’s given potential and live as an outcast in Singapore. Yee should not be deported back to his home country for fear of even worsening persecution. It’s only humane to grant Yee asylum although he must put some sense into his head. His thinking has been erratic probably due to the pressure and continual harassment he has been enduring while in Singapore. Singapore wouldn’t want Yee to be granted asylum as that would tarnish Singapore’s reputation as Yee is a high-profile dissident now.

I encourage people to support the granting of asylum to Yee. He should be allowed to live a normal life and to live according to his God’s given potential and to his own aspiration. That will never happen if he is to continue living in Singapore. The people who rule in Singapore are petty and insecure people of vanity. They will never have the common sense to give Yee any respite. They are determined to ruin his life, tarnish his reputation, and make an example out of him. As always, the first thing these people try is attaching the stigma of mental illness to people like Yee. To make this credible, they probably have been waging a psychological warfare against Yee. Continual harassment and intimidation are one of such tactics. This could explain Yee’s erratic thinking lately. The young man isn’t the person he was when he started. He seems to have lost some of his sharp intellect and eloquence. If anyone is stupid enough to believe that Amos Yee was being harassed and detained at a mental hospital due to his atheism I just want to ask you why was the person who hit young Yee was never apprehended and prosecuted before the law? Yee was attacked by a Chinese man in full view of the media. If you really believe that Yee was attacked due to his strong anti-religion feelings then you must be stupid beyond help.

I have sent Mr. Nair a link to this post and provided my real name along with my Linked In profile. We’ll see if he will approve my comment for publication in his commentary section.

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