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It’s an Irony that Singapore Charged Amos Yee for Wounding the Religious Feelings of Others

During my ordeal in Singapore in 2002 the ruling elite there smeared the front of my dorm room with red dirt which wasn’t cleaned for a whole week by any of the janitors. I had my suspicions because the red dirt wasn’t cleaned at all but since I’m a man of faith I didn’t try to clean it, come what may. It turned out that the red dirt was needed to send me an evil spirit. Indonesians are familiar with this shamanic practice and one told me the red dirt was supposedly graveyard dirt. There was no need for these people to send me an evil spirit but they did and they did it to somehow drive a point that my habit of believing in a Christian God wasn’t going to help me. God, however, indeed helped me and freed me from that evil spirit which shaman had referred to as ‘Olazhong’ or something spelled like it.

During my subsequent prolonged persecution I watched my mother whom I considered a devout Catholic turned against her own faith by falsely swearing in the name of God which she believed in. This was all done in fear and on multiple accounts. It didn’t bother her that I myself had witnessed her lying and knew she falsely swore in the name of God. I realized that these people who couldn’t be nobody else aside either Lee Kuan Yew or his family loathed the idea of worshiping God. They disdained people who practiced their religions genuinely. Sure, you can worship any God you want in Singapore provided you tow the line and keep your mouth shut no matter what injustice is happening around you.

Thus, it offends me to know that the cowardly son, Lee Hsien Loong to have abused the name of religions to persecute people who offend him and his family’s name. Furthermore, none of these spineless religious people in Singapore dared to state their objection to have their religions used as a tool of persecution. Such a society can never be expected to found a strong nation.

Across the ocean, China is undergoing a transition into a full dictatorship not unlike Singapore. The cost of this folly may prove to be expensive, both for China and the rest of the world. The West in the end will reap the benefits of a much weakened China. A China that fails due to its regression toward dictatorship. A successful and rich China would mean the lifting of so many people around the world out of poverty. It’s just too bad that this doesn’t seem to be feasible with China heading headlong into a one-man dictatorship with Xi Jinping at the helm. Singapore lasts this long only due to its minuscule size. China will sink at a fast rate if governed like Singapore. This doesn’t portend well for global economy and for stability in Asia.

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